Choice of Young Parenting Program as my feature’s central focus

Why this Centre as Focus?

Posted on April 24, 2013

As a feature writer, I thrive on observing the fabric and rhythm of ordinary life, shining light onto average people to uncover extraordinary stories.

To observe people going about their everyday lives, I visited to a local community centre.  I wanted to explore the happenings and negotiations occurring within a building that houses a gaggle of diverse networks.

I felt sure there would be a little gem of an idea, hiding amongst dusty, dated rooms. I discoverd that this facility was bursting at the seams with individuals who unite to become groups, gather into clubs, come to sessions, provide peer support systems, share hobies as a collective, attend various gatherings, learn at classes, become diverse organisations, form like minded guilds, become committee members and above all this is a place to belong as friends.

My initial story concept was to explore  the more unusual elements or individuals amongst the cacophony which is the Geelong West Diversitat Community Centre. There I discovered  a wealth of inspiration for feature pieces.

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