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A partially edited interview with Jennifer Bond, Clinical Nurse Specialist at Geelong Hospital

I have had difficulties when editing this audio file, so have provided one short (but still several minutes long) clip from a series of interviews I have performed while learning about the challenges and wider perspectives of teen pregnancy and education.

In this interview, Jenny Bond discusses her role as a specialist nurse in the outpatient’s clinic at Geelong Hospital. An aspect of her career in outpatient provisions, is perform  accompanying young girls during their obstetric exams. She undertakes this role since law requires anyone under 18 years of age, must have an adult with them while being physically examined by a Dr.

At the 4 minute.15 second mark, Jenny discusses her views on maternal age. She sees child birth at a younger age is safer and less complicated than at a mature age.  Her perspective comes form years of midwifery experience and clinical practice. She acknowledges that girls are getting their first periods earlier with each generation and they are physically ready for pergnancy and delivery at earlier ages than in previous years.



Forced Adoption

The Australian Government was in a unique position on March 21st, 2013, as it publicly acknowledged the wrongs caused by past political leaders. The apology recognised the depth of pain felt by numerous women and children because of legally forced adoption. The apology was made by our Prime Minister on behalf of our entire government.

Hopefully this action will enable the victims of forced adoptions to access much needed assistance and begin their healing.



One of the most valuable sources of information: ABS

I use the Australian Bureau of Statistics website in order to access a vast range of statistical data.

This enables me to generate highly informed and well researched pieces of feature reportage.

The ABS provides access to historically and social relevant information as the statistical data is interpreted by leading demographers, statisticians and researchers. This research and information gathering is necessary for a thorough comprehension of issues  surrounding an article’s central theme.


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