Research… my drug of choice


The actual research part of this project is an all consuming and joyous process.

My writing and studies enable me to follow my natural curiosity.

Information Overload (Photo Credit Google Images)

Sticky beaking with purpose and generating something I am proud of that may eventually pay the mortgage…Ahhhhh, true bliss!

After some initial nerves, I’ve discovered…I adore interviewing!

There is something magical about posing questions, evaluating context, seeking answers, finding out what else has been written about my focus area, networking with a range of relevant individuals, probing for deeper understandings, developing a big picture view from little details, resource gathering, observing our community, cross checking data, finding alternate strategies and becoming completely immersed in my subject matter.

Despite my initial resistance to engaging with the technical elements of blogging, the research gathering skills and experiences I have gained have been incredible. While it has massive test of patience and an enormous challenge, I feel more prepared to face a newsroom or perhaps freelance more capably than before commencing this unit.

The ultimate payoff comes with sharing my research discoveries and ideas through developing the blog to showcase what is behind my feature article.

The only thing better than the thrill of my discoveries, will be actually being paid to do what I adore.Post it notes images (Photo Credit Google Images)


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