Primary Sources

(Photo Credit Google Images)

(Photo Credit Google Images)

Gaining quality, first hand information from a range of experienced and interested people, assists in the production of a well researched feature piece.

High calibre research unveils the a story’s unique and most recent aspects. By providing detailed information, sharing interesting anecdotes, noting personal experiences, observing the sensory elements within a story and being able to bring the audience right into the experience of the issues, I aim to develop an outstanding feature.

In order to be as thorough with my research as possible, I have spoken to a number of people involved with the story’s central themes. I plan to continue to conduct several additional interviews.

The people I have spoken to so far include

  • The local Maternal and Child Health Centre Nurse at the Virginia Todd Centre, Geelong West

Ph: 03 52222 3242

  • Maree Crellin, Coordinator of the Geelong region Maternal and Child Health Centres,

Ph: 03 5272 4747

  • Jennifer Bond, Clinical Nurse Specialist at Geelong Hospital Outpatient’s

service’s pre and post natal clinics

Ph: 03 4215 0000

  • Helen Foord, Coordinator and developer of Diversitat’s Young Parents’ Program

Ph: 0448 987 975

  • Kristy Berryman Clarence, Social worker, Based at Bethany Community Support

Ph: 03 5278 8122

  • Jan Smith, Representative for Geelong  and South Western Victorian region

Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

Ph: 03 5225 1000

  • Jess,  fifteen year old mother of ten month old baby Lilly

Currently enrolled in the Diversitat young parenting class

Ph: (via Helen Foord)  0448 987 975

  • Jackie, seventeen year old mother of eleven month old Oliver

Currently enrolled in the Diversitat young parenting class

Ph: (via Helen Foord)  0448 987 975

  • Mel Holmes, Student well being co-ordinator at Goldsworthy Road Campus of the Northern Bay College

Ph: 03 5275 1158

  • Sonya Niemann, 17 year old former VCAL student (2012) now in an apprenticeship

Ph: Private number, not for publication, but may be supplied if required

  • Stephanie,  Welfare Support Coordinator for Diversitat young parenting class

Ph: (via Helen Foord)  0448 987 975

I aim to speak to the following individuals for some insight around the management of a teen pregnancy, how to best to support the teenager’s fragile self esteem, methods to promote stronger mental health and resilience for young parents and financial implications for a teen parent.

  • Dr Amy Rothfield, GP at Corio Medical Clinic and lecturer in Medicine at Deakin University

Ph: 03 5274 9499

  • New students about to begin at Diversitat’s young parenting classes in the coming weeks

Ph: (via Helen Foord)  0448 987 975

  • Centrelink Payments and Services representative, Department of Human Services

Ph: 132 468

  • Lisa Henderson, Clinical Nurse Specialist & Young Parenting Program’s dedicated Midwife at Baxter House Maternity, Geelong Hospital

Ph: 03 4215 0000


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